The Hilton Tanger City Center Hotel & Residences are not owned, developed or sold by Hilton Worldwide Inc. or its Affiliates (collectively, “Hilton”).

Tanger City Center, S.A. (“Developer”) uses certain trademarks of “Hilton” under a licence from Hilton. 

The licence may be terminated or may expire without renewal, in which case neither the residential units nor any part of the project will be identified as a "Hilton" branded project or have any rights to use the “Hilton” trademarks. 

Certain services may be offered to residential unit owners from time to time by Developer who is solely liable for any such services and the provision of such services may be subject to payment of fees, membership requirements, or other limitations. 

The scope, pricing and availability of any services offered to the residential units are subject to change in Developer’s sole discretion from time to time. 

In addition, Developer and Hilton have entered into a hotel management agreement pursuant to which Hilton will manage the operation of the hotel. 

The hotel management agreement may be terminated or may expire without renewal and to the extent any of the aforementioned services were available from the hotel, such services may no longer be provided.